Want to outsell the competition?

Saleslife brings your customer information together so your field reps can ramp faster, better target their customers and outsell the competition.

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Monitor territory performance and receive notifcations about customers who have a high propensity to buy.

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Turn insights into action by adding customer meetings to the planner and organizing for the week ahead.

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Get instant access to customer information on the go and sync meeting notes back to CRM without leaving the app.

About Saleslife

Ready to sell using data science?

We get sales.

Having real-time access to customer information in the field is key. Imagine knowing how much a customer bought last week, how they’re trending, what they’re saying on social media and when they are likely to buy again.

Now stop imagining and look to the left.

We built Saleslife to help reps identify customers that are ready to buy, turn that information into a plan and action the plan all within one mobile app. Yes, we even sync meeting notes back to your CRM (woah!).

This results in a field sales force that can ramp faster, better target their customers and can outsell the competition.

It’s basically field sales domination.


Supercharge your sales team by delivering real-time customer insights when it's most relevant.


Instant access to customer data

View sales and product performance at a territory or customer level, how past meetings went and even what customers are saying on social media.


Intelligent notifications

Get push notifications sent out to your reps when customers are showing a propensity to buy.


Plan for success

Stay on track with call and meeting quotas by turning customer insights into an action plan.


Location-based push notifications

Reps get notifications when they arrive at meetings for easy access to customer profiles and notes.


CRM sync

Easily record new meetings news with voice-to-text and automatically push it back into the CRM.


An easy to use, modern, approach to field sales enablement

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Having access to the right customer information - at the right time - means reps can better focus their activities and have more valuable interactions.

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